Tower Knight

aka Johnathan Tower

  • I live in Boletaria
  • I was born on October 29
  • My occupation is Academic Student.
  • I am Male
  • Tower Knight

    Hay everybody! who else purchased Shadow over Mordor for their PS3s and XBOX 360s who didn't want to purchase a next gen console yet? because OH. MY. GOD. THEY DIDN'T EVEN TRY.  You know, I was aware fundamentally that the graphics would be down scaled down (as you do) but with games like Assassin's Creed 2, Destiny, Killzone 3, Halo 4 and GTA 5, all of which are beautiful games, I was convinced that it wouldn't be that bad. Oh and Dark Souls & Dark Souls 2 of course are very pretty games as well but you CANNOT tell me that Shadows over Mordor for the ps3 and Xbox 360 looks the way it does because "last gen consoles are primitive"; If they were primitive then i'm sure my ps3 would have erupted into flames when I played Deus Ex: Human Revolu…

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