Hello everyone!

I would just like to make some things clear for new users & veteran users alike. I'm sure most of these things you will not even notice when doing them, but it is essential that you pay attention & use the preview button.

Countless times I have been required to go back & edit grammatical errors, & it gets very tiring after a while. I will not hold it against you unless you are acting carelessly, as some errors that are made are not related to grammar or anything similar to that, but instead to continuity throughout the wiki. One such example of this, which I see many veteran users making mistakes in, is the gallery section. Although not plainly obvious to see at first, we do not end captions with full stops. They are captions, not sentences, & therefore look better without such things. However, commas & other forms of punctuation must still be upheld. And if you feel that you need a full stop in there because you want to write more, it means it's too long.

Here are some more issues I have encountered throughout my time:

  • Low quality or not related to the game images being placed onto pages or gallery sections - Sometimes this is acceptable, as the game is tied in quite heavily with the films & books, but other times it is out of place.
  • Additional links in words when it has already been linked previously not 5 words ago - Seriously, what is the point?
  • Random categories added to articles when they don't need to be there - Only this week I saw the category of "Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor" added to two random pages. There is no point in doing this, as the entire wiki is about the game...
  • Users' own speculation added in both the trivia sections of articles & the main article itself - Unless it's very common speculation from the wider community it should not be on the page. & in no case should it ever be anywhere else other than the trivia section.
  • Badly worded sentences that only make sense to someone in primary school - This is not as important as the others, as other users can make it better, but if you have the ability to write a grade A essay, please read back what you have typed. It saves a lot of time & confusion.
  • Calling Celebrimbor "the Wraith" without having already stated his identity earlier in the article - We don't need to do this anymore; we know who he is.

Anyway, that's all I've got complaints-wise right now. Nobody take it personally if you are one of the people making these errors; I'm only trying to bring your attention to it.

As I am a fair person, feel free to dispute what I consider 'correct' if you think what you do is better. Opinions are opinions & must be heard :) 

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