Hi there.

This is truly a remarkable step for next gen. I personally didn't think to see anything like this for at least 2 years! I am so surprised that it is also coming to previouse gen just a shame it didn't come when I was playing it :D This is something that knowone has done before because (well my guess is) it requires a lot of work but its going to pay off!! Playing safe won't get you anywere.

But what I really wanted to know was if there is no sequal (hope there is) how will the nemises system carry on as obviously Talion is a very one of a kind character that has had has the right to die taken away from him, so when he dies in game it ties in that he just respawns and time moves on. But for any other character if you die you have to re wind because there would be no way they could die and then come back to life for the majority of stories to make sence. 

I just really hope the nemises system will find a way to carry on as I love the idea and really looking forward to seeing its futur development. The fact that there is no "faceless cannon fodder" is just something else! A really big well done to the developers of the game I wish I could of been part of the designing experiance it must be amazing watching everyting fall into place. 

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