Prepare to return to the Second Age of Mordor. A time frought with war, and with two beings of immense power going head-to-head over the power of a humble Ring.

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Introducing, The Bright Lord story DLC - available TODAY for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam!

Included in The Bright Lord:

  • Play as Celebrimbor, the Bright Lord, wielding a Ring of Power to challenge Sauron for domination. 
  • Massive story campaign, including 10 new Missions. 
  • Face the power of the Dark Lord and his armies at the height of their power.
    • An epic boss fight against the Dark Lord Sauron himself for domination of Mordor.
    • Elite Nemesis Enemies and Warchiefs up to Level 25 with deadly new abilities!
    • Face an Elite Orc Army with more powerful and upgraded warriors. 
  • Play as the Elven Lord Celebrimbor and wield a Ring of Power.
    • Wield the Power of the One Ring to dominate and defeat your enemies. Activate the ring to become invisible and tear through your enemies from the shadows. 
    • Deadly new Elven Archery abilities with a rapid fire bow. 
    • New ways to dominate your enemies and build your Army including Shadow Brand.
  • New Skin – Play as Celebrimbor in the main Campaign.
  • New Challenge Mode: Test of the Ring.
Official Shadow of Mordor The Bright Lord DLC Trailer01:26

Official Shadow of Mordor The Bright Lord DLC Trailer

Pick it up today on your digital storefront of choice!

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