The Test of Defiance Challenge Weekend has come to a close. Congratulations to our winners!


  • GokuToAzula
  • LordeSchmegatron
  • MRB-OSG-81

Xbox One:

  • HMatthews1715
  • Uncharming
  • True Villan

Mordor's uruks have started up their war machine. And, with the combined might of Talion and Celebrimbor you've been able to stem their collective tide.

But, the time has come to do battle without Celebrimbor allowing you to cheat death, and to harness the pure might of the warrior Lithariel.

This weekend, from Friday at 9am Pacific to Sunday at 9pm Pacific, fight your way to the top of the Test of Defiance leaderboards and unseat the current champions. Winners will be celebrated here in this Wikia blog post, in the in-game MOTD, and on our social channels - so make every attempt count!

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