Clear your schedules, mark your calendars, and make sure you’ve got the time off from work, because on October 7, 2014 your journey through Mordor begins.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s official release date is here, and for those of you that order early, we’ve got some exclusive digital equipment to make sure you’re extra ready to punish Sauron’s army.

The following exclusives will be available to you when you pre-order:

  • Dark Ranger playable character skin
  • The ‘Test of Power’ challenge mode, where you can increase your power and prove your skills
    • You’ll face Sauron’s captains and defeat them to earn Runes to empower your weapons
    • Test your speed, skill, and strategy, all while measuring yourself against your friends on the online leaderboards

Learn more about pre-ordering on Wikia, right here.

Make sure you don’t miss our latest trailer, Banished From Death!:

Official Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer - Banished From Death-002:07

Official Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer - Banished From Death-0

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