Sauron's Servants are a trinity of the Dark Lord's personal champions. They are incarnations of his might, his terror and his will to dominate Middle-earth.

They were the tip of the spear that plunged back into Mordor, slaughtering the Rangers that stood in his way in the name of their Dark Lord. The time has come for you to learn more about them, in our latest gameplay trailer.

Official Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer - Sauron's Servants01:22

Official Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer - Sauron's Servants

With the release of the newest trailer, we're asking the community to help out by taking note of some intriguing facts for the next Fannotation video. (Not sure what a Fannotation video is? Click here to check one out!) If you're interested in helping, just watch the trailer above and leave timestamps and associated trivia in the comments.

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