An Uruk Captain is staring you down. He's called you out, he's ready to fight, and he's got no qualms cutting you down to size. One of the memorable fights made possible by the Nemesis System is knocking at your door, and it's time for you to make a choice; How will you finish this fight?

1. Fight the Captain head on

You've got a bevy of combat options at your disposal. Between Talion's sword, his dagger, and the Wraith's bow you've got a number of alternatives with which to take this Captain out, should you wish to take the direct route.

01 FightHeadOn ENG FR DE

2. Let Mordor's wildlife do the work

Depending on what you learn about this Captain, there's a chance that he might be vulnerable to a certain monster within Mordor. By utilizing said monster's bloodlust, you might be able to bring one to your aid to kill the Captain. But, be careful – some Captains are made furious by the presence of certain monsters, which would make him a far more formidable foe.

02 LetMordorWork ENG FR DE

3. The world is your weapon

Mordor is a treacherous land. Not only is the world filled with cliffs just begging to have Uruk thrown off them, but there are a number of environmental hazards that Talion can take advantage of. Keep an eye out, and utilize these opportunities.

03 WorldWeapon ENG FR DE

4. Control nearby Uruk, and have them fight for you

A little while back you learned about some of the options available when Dominating your foes. Bend the minds of the Uruk near you to aid in your battle with the Captain, and have his own soldiers strike him down.

04 ControlUruk ENG FR DE

5. Fight another day

If you didn't learn enough about the Captain you're facing, there'll be tons of unknowns in the battle ahead. You can turn and run, in order to collect more information and take him out when the situation fits your needs.

05 FightAnotherDay ENG

Of the many options you'll have available to you in Shadow of Mordor, these are only a few. How you take out the Uruk Captain that you're hunting (or, those that are hunting you), is entirely up to you. Leave your mark on The Land of Shadow, and Sauron's hordes will fear your legacy.

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