The bow Talion now wields, Azkâr, is an ancient weapon that belongs to the Wraith. Reaching into the Wraith world to summon its power, Talion will be able to decimate foes from afar in a host of ways that will have even the most accomplished Uruk Captains running for their lives.

By using the Runes you gain from slaying powerful foes, you’ll be able to take the fight to Sauron's Army in ways that better fit your play style, and grow the legend of this noble weapon.

1) Bow Master

A trusted weapon, Azkâr is always ready for action. With the assistance of the Bow Master Rune you'll be able to land arrows harder than ever before, increasing arrow damage across the board by 50%.

Talion drawing Azkar

2) Deadly Archer

The Captains of Mordor are the most treacherous troops at Sauron's disposal. While some of them may not succumb to your long range efforts, those that are caught unaware by your bow will have their skulls shattered with the assistance of the Deadly Archer Rune, which will deal additional damage when you land a headshot against a Captain. Aim wisely.

Wraith using Azkar

3) Aura of Dismay

If you're the type that likes to see the hordes of Mordor flee in terror by your presence, the Aura of Dismay Rune will be a welcome addition to your arsenal. When you land a headshot on an Uruk that's unaware of your location, this Rune will cause others around him to flee in fear.

Talion picking up a bow rune

4) Broken Mind

Assembling an army requires a great many number of resources, only one of which is arrows. However, as you make your way through Mordor and take Uruk to your cause, the Broken Mind Rune will allow you to continue your rampage through those that stand against you. Whenever you Brand a foe and initiate them into your army, you’ve got a 50% chance to regain 1 arrow.

Azkar animation

The Wraith's bow wields significant power, and is mightily powerful all on its own. However, as you progress through Shadow of Mordor and face foes worthy of their rank in Sauron's army, you'll want some extra firepower. Utilize the Runes of Shadow of Mordor, and choose which of the prior runes you feel is most worthy of your play style.

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