Did you know that every Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor trailer can be synced using our Palantir app? Whenever you view one of the game's trailers in Palantir, you'll be presented with relevant articles about the scene you're currently watching. For instance, when Queen Marwen comes on-screen in the video below, Palantir will display our article on her.

All you have to do is load up and play the video, hit the "Sync now" button in the app and you're be good to go. For more information on the sync feature, please read Andy's blog.

Official Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer - Make Them Your Own01:56

Official Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer - Make Them Your Own

We've recently added a community selected sync point to the "Make Them Your Own" story trailer which you can view above. Just visit the 0:34 mark on the video, and you'll get a first glimpse of the newly announced Black Hand character.

Happy syncing!

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