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GameInformer has just released their seventh piece of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor coverage. Today's article is about the art and visuals of Shadow of Mordor. GameInformer spoke with Shadow of Mordor's art director Phil Straub:

As a team, we have looked at as many references as we can, relative to the IP,” Straub says. “Of course, we looked at the films. But I think that my approach and my thought on this is the main thing we want this game to have – which I think the Lord of the Rings films have – is authenticity. When I talk about that, what that means is all the way down to the costuming, all the way down to the geography, all the way down to the weather and the evolution of the creatures. So where I see us fitting is a heightened realism or gritty realism. So we are definitely more in the continuum of a very realistic presentation and I think that the next gen hardware allows for that as well.

Click here to view the full article, or view the gallery below to see the newly released concept art. Be sure to visit our screenshots page, which lists all screenshots and concept art released so far.

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