• ElveHaldir

    A trip to a far-off land, discovering natural beauty on the go. It sounds like a plotline taken straight from Tolkien's work, but this time it was my very own turn. My trip took me from Belgium to Los Angeles and San Diego for Shadow of Mordor's Comic Con event. A journey I won't lightly forget any time soon. 

    First of all, what did I see and what did I hear? I participated in two main events. First was the Wikia Fan Express, a trainride from LA to San Diego where Shadow of Mordor was showcased. This event also allowed GlòinTheGreat and me to ask a couple of questions on a livestream. For this, we gathered a bunch of questions from the Wikia community and asked them to Michael de Plater directly. This entire Livestream can be viewed right h…

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  • ElveHaldir


    December 25, 2013 by ElveHaldir

    Being a long time Tolkien-gaming fan, these are the four points that I always seem to stumble upon when I visit LOTR-forums. 

    1) Flashy Magic: A concern that has popped up on most LOTR forums that I've visited. Magic in Tolkien-based games should be rather subtler than it is in other universes (Elder Scrolls, Arcania, Dragon Age, ... ). The universe is expanded enough to allow some freedom (the half-Wraith creation being one of them) but just don't push it to the limit with flashy effects and a complete dependance on the use of magic. The real magic in the Tolkien-universe is the strenght of one's persona, whether it's driven by courage, love or revenge. 

    2) Middle-earth or LOTR? It's subtle, but it is there. This is the first Tolkien-based …

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