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Maybe it's not officially released yet? I don't know, but somehow I was able to launch the game shortly after midnight PST and so far the game is entirely unplayable.

First off, just as an FYI for the 3D gaming fans like me, 3D seems to not work at all in this game. My system meets all the recommended requirements, and I ran it at the recommended settings as well and 3D does not even render at all. VERY disappointing I must say!! If it were possible, I'd probably return the game at that alone as I spent a ton of money on my 3D gaming system and am a huge fan of 3D in general.

Aside from that, I saw some horrendous screen tearing (starting in Borderless mode, but it also happens for me in Full Screen at 1920 x 1080p). Nothing I have tried so far has fixed this issue, thereby making it totally unplayable. It's like a picture in picture sort of thing with the upper right corner at times displaying the action, while at other times it's the full screen stuck behind this corner shot. My hypothesis is that this could potentially be related to the latest Nvidia driver (ver 344.11) for my GTX 660 Ti which introduced a new tech for the 900 series that were just released last week. The specific tech I have in mind is called DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) where it basically renders the game at 4K resolution, then down samples it to your chosen resolution. This is just my first thought though and may not be related.

Finally, for what little I was able to experience (the first few minutes on the 3/4 of the screen I could see, lol, the actions were very jerky and not at ALL as refined as in the Arkham series which I found to be quite surprising. Talion seemed to lumber around a bit and had some trouble attacking the enemies I wanted him to (put shortly, he doesn't play quite the same as Batman does).

I hope they will jump to address these issues immediately, because as it is, this is looking to be the absolute worst and most disappointing release of a game I've ever played to date. Here are some examples of what I'm seeing. :(

2014-09-30 00002

Here the background froze, while the game action kept playing in the upper right corner.

2014-09-30 00005

Back to the action, but unplayable

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