• Casuist

    First Impressions

    September 30, 2014 by Casuist

    -- Reported to WB at

    Maybe it's not officially released yet? I don't know, but somehow I was able to launch the game shortly after midnight PST and so far the game is entirely unplayable.

    First off, just as an FYI for the 3D gaming fans like me, 3D seems to not work at all in this game. My system meets all the recommended requirements, and I ran it at the recommended settings as well and 3D does not even render at all. VERY disappointing I must say!! If it were possible, I'd probably return the game at that alone as I spent a ton of money on my 3D gaming system and am a huge fan of 3D in general.

    Aside from that, I saw some horrendous screen tearing (starting in Borderless mode, but it also happens for me in Full S…

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