I remeber back in the days when i played Crash Bandicout on the PS1..then there was the Crash Bandicout 2 then 3 then Tag Team Racing but i played many over games apart from that! Going to the PS2 and playing games like Age of Empires 2, then Star Wars Episode III then The Lord of the Rings games and playing those games was what lead me to reading the books and watching the films so it set part of my future for loving LOTR and The Hobbit. I loved the PS3 and it in the later years of playing it i became familliar with one the gaming franchises that is one of my favorites to this very day! that is the Batman Arkham Games!

Seems silly but when Arkham City came out i had no idea that a game before that existed! And then on a awesome October day i bought Arkham Origins and it was legendary! War in the North as well was a big highlight as well as Assassins Creed, then there was COD: MW3 which i spent a while playing and was quite fun also played a bit of Ghosts with a friend. So many highlights i could do a 30 part series on it! just going from the PS1 to PS2! Anyway, i was also a big fan of LEGO which led me to buying Lego LOTR, Lego Hobbit and others! I have also been quite a racing fan over some of the time...

I honestly could not pick a favortie console out of the 3 but if you gave me a day to think of their pros and cons then i could come to a desicion but not at this point in time...the biggest highlight of the last-gen world will be Shadow of Mordor and i will also carry Shadow of Mordor as i play it on PS4 in the future! I could go in deep deep depth but i'll save for a time if anyones intrested.

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