I know it's early days but i have been thinking and i went back and played the LOTR games, BFME series, War in the North, LOTRO and i kinda ranked them in terms of story, characters, customization etc, this is my top 5...

(NOTE: this is my personal opinion)

5th place - BFME1 +2, 

Now don't get me wrong these are great games and i loved playing them!

4th place - LOTRO,

I have been playing LOTRO for a year now and i admit i like the story, the customization and the locations. just don't like the far away spawning when you die :(

3rd place - War in the North,

The problem i had with War in the North was the repetetive story and just keep repeating it over and over but i must admit the storyline of the 3 people who gave hope to the North and stood up against the Black Numernorian Agandaur was great!

2nd place - LOTR: The Third Age, 

i bet some of you are probably wondering why this is my 2nd favorite but i just loved the idea of ou taking turns at hitting a monster! 

1st place - The LOTR Trilogy, 

what fantastic games these were , okay there was no customization but the levels, voice acting and the fighting combat was amazing, i just love going back on The Southern Gate level and repeating Swift Justice skill till my controller gets worn out :)

Tell me what you think...

- Agunduir

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