I got this idea after watching the gameplay walkthrough where after Ratbag stabs Orthog then all the orcs start fighting each other, i had the feeling of rioting among the orcs in parts of Mordor which gives Talion the oppurtunity to gain more minions hence building his forces behind enemy lines!

So Talion is stealthaly moving around Mordor when he hears orcs screaming at each other so Talion goes near the area to investigate where the noise is coming from when he see's a massive riot throughout the village, two different factions of orcs so Talion see's it as his oppurtunity to kill one of the leaders then dominate the other so then he controls one of the factions!


Talion kills both the leaders of the two factions and he then tells them to go run and spread what they have seen in the village today in which then word will get around quicker about Talion and how dangerous and powerful he is!


Leave the village and just let the riot carry on as it was so then Talion would gain no new followers and it would not be known that Talion was ever near the village which doesn't really help at all in terms of gaining followers or spreading terror!


Have some fun and slaughter every single orc that is present. Again, this probably will not help you but killing all of the orcs might be a good way to just relax and enjoy all the killing that you are causing. Who wouldn't love to have 5 dozens of orcs running at you wanting to kill you!

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