I have a theory concerning Gollum and entering Barad-Dur in Shadow of Mordor, i have come up with some sort of idea of how he could appear in the game...

Talion is wandering around a camp when he sees Gollum crawling around the back of the camp so Talion runs up to Gollum and confronts him, he ties him up and interrogates him for what he is doing in Mordor. Then Gollum tells Talion about his love for The One Ring and asks if Talion knows the way to Barad-Dur, so Gollum is guiding Talion through parts of Mordor until Talion comes to a camp when they are spotted by a orc leader. (say for this example Ratbag) So Ratbag is fighting with Talion so Gollum runs away from the camp.

Then later on in the game, Gollum sees Talion in a village somewhere else in Mordor so he decides to try and kill him but Talion defeats Gollum and ties him up yet again to find out more about the whereabouts of Sauron, then after Gollum confessess Talion leaves Gollum for dead then...

Then near then end of the game you are about to enter Barad-Dur but Gollum jumps from behind a rock and attacks Talion and leaves him for dead as a sort of vengeful act. So Orcs find Talion and take him deep into Barad-Dur where he is confronted by Sauron.

What do ya think? :)

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