Story DLC idea and possible titles for the DLC idea. For this blog i shall write about my first DLC idea.

For my theories to make a bit more sense lets just imagine that you've finished the game and Sauron is vanquished so then Gondor have reclaimed parts of Mordor that are free from Orcs and Uruks..

1: Talions Vengance - 

Ok so, Talion is wondering through a village in a part of Mordor when he is called to a secret council where they have discussed that Orcs being in other parts of Mordor is still a threat and they enlist Talion to go out to the other places in Mordor and lower the numbers of Orcs there. But when you get there, a Orc from the nemesis system that you perhaps let go and set free is in charge now of all the leigons across their camps and Talion realises that he should have killed him when he had the chance but he knows he can't get to him staright away that would be too easy, so he decides to go to the camps and kill the leaders in those places so then it would draw the cheif orc out from hiding and would come looking for Talion. So then after all the warnings and killings Talion confronts the cheif orc so they fight to the death. Then after you fight you enter his mind and see what he is hiding from Talion and he discovers Sauron's plans so then he goes back to the Gondor camps and tells them of what he has seen, but its too late...the Gondorians have been slaughtered before you get back in time, then Talion picks up some Gondor armour and walks off into the distance as the screen fades to black.

Second DLC Idea Blog coming soon!

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