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  • I live in England
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is Student and Apprentice
  • I am Male
  • Agandaûr

    It was upon a Midsummers day that i stumbled across a Leigon Edition copy of Shadow of Mordor and within seconds the game was in my hands as i handed over the money to purchase. I rushed home and inserted the disc, my heart was beating faster than ever! I play the prologue and instantly fell in love with the game.

    - Agandaur

    This game delivered on so many fronts as soon as you start. The tutorial/prologue was very well done in my opinion and i think that the way we figure out key infomation during the story is very well structered and put together. This game really lives up to the hype it has been receiving the past 11 months. The one thing i didn't like is that there are only 20 Story Missions where as i would have loved a more streched out…

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  • Agandaûr

    I remeber back in the days when i played Crash Bandicout on the PS1..then there was the Crash Bandicout 2 then 3 then Tag Team Racing but i played many over games apart from that! Going to the PS2 and playing games like Age of Empires 2, then Star Wars Episode III then The Lord of the Rings games and playing those games was what lead me to reading the books and watching the films so it set part of my future for loving LOTR and The Hobbit. I loved the PS3 and it in the later years of playing it i became familliar with one the gaming franchises that is one of my favorites to this very day! that is the Batman Arkham Games!

    Seems silly but when Arkham City came out i had no idea that a game before that existed! And then on a awesome October day…

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  • Agandaûr

    Agun 20:45, May 9, 2014 (UTC)

    If i was a Orc hunter in Mordor, i would not go the whole stealthy approach to killing. My fighting style is going for upfront full on melee attacks which would start a fight instead of a instance like you see in a stealth game where the target is isolated. If i had the option to let a orc go free...i would BUT hear me out!!!

    Say that i was Aragorn at Helms Deep and the main gate is under fire and in the films he and Gimli go through that back door..but i wouldn't go for a skyhigh approach! jump on top of them! can't be that painful..well there is a 30% that i will miss the bridge and fall to my death but you gotta take some risks in life :)

    Here is a small table on the likely percentages that i would do stealth …

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  • Agandaûr

    I got this idea after watching the gameplay walkthrough where after Ratbag stabs Orthog then all the orcs start fighting each other, i had the feeling of rioting among the orcs in parts of Mordor which gives Talion the oppurtunity to gain more minions hence building his forces behind enemy lines!

    So Talion is stealthaly moving around Mordor when he hears orcs screaming at each other so Talion goes near the area to investigate where the noise is coming from when he see's a massive riot throughout the village, two different factions of orcs so Talion see's it as his oppurtunity to kill one of the leaders then dominate the other so then he controls one of the factions!


    Talion kills both the leaders of the two factions and he then tells the…

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  • Agandaûr

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    Simarlariies and Differences between War in the North and Shadow of Mordor : 

     - Part 1

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    - Part…

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