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The valley of Udûn, meaning Hell, is a location in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Udûn is a roughly circular plain surrounded by mountains on all sides. In the south-east there is a narrow pass at Carach Angren, which is the gateway to the Plateau of Gorgoroth.


Udûn was formed with the creation of Mordor. It was the largest passageway into Mordor.



  • It lies between Cirith Gorgor and the Isenmouthe and was traversed by large armies of Sauron in times of war.
  • In/on its circumference are many Uruk-holds, as told in The Return of the King, including Durthang, the forges, and the forts at Carach Angren.
  • In The Complete Guide to Middle-earth (by Robert Foster), Udûn is described as the source of the dark flame of the Balrogs.


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