The True Lord of the Rings is the final main mission in The Bright Lord DLC.


The Dark Lord's forces are in disarray. With all of his Warchiefs under your control, Sauron has come to challenge you in open combat.

It all comes down to this. Sauron and his forces await you in a stronghold to meet in battle. Your followers will be present to help aid you in the fight as well. After you dispose of Sauron, he will resurrect fallen Warchiefs you have previously slain and you'll have to reengage them a second time. Not only will you have to deal with 5 Warchiefs at the same time, but Sauron will be also trying to end your life. If you manage to accomplish this feat, you'll be rewarded with an interesting cinematic at the end!


  • Making sure your Power of the One Ring is fully charged as often as possible is a must for this mission.
  • Kiting is essential, be sure to make the most out of the entire map and don't feel bad for retreating.
  • Use Grog Bowls and Barrels to your advantage.