The Dark Lord Answers is the penultimate main mission in the Bright Lord DLC.


Sauron has counterattacked and your Warchiefs have been captured. Prevent their execution and reassert your dominion of Mordor.

Your Warchiefs have been captured and rounded up for execution. You will have to crash the party and take out all the executioners. Once you dispatch the 8 executioners, you'll need to fend off the incoming hordes for 2 minutes before 2 Warchiefs come to fight you.


  • You will start this mission with a fully charged Power of the One. Use it at the very start to quickly take out the executioners, who are standing in 2 parallel lines. It will be easy to perform Executions from one to the next.
  • When the Warchief arrives, try to focus on taking one down while your army fights the other. Chances are that they will severely injure the other Warchief while you are busy with the other.