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Tar Goroth is an antagonist and a boss in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. One of the Balrogs, the demon servants of Morgoth and evil equivalent of wizards in Middle-earth, he is awakened by his master's trusted necromancers and becomes a commander in Sauron's Army. After escaping Celebrimbor, Talion and Carnan, the trio find a trail of fire and dead men that opposed Tar Goroth's master(Sauron) which leads to the Balrog himself. After a short battle Carnan uses her life force and sends the fiery demon into the ice lake bellow. One of Sauron's necromancer that awakened the Tar Goroth now seeks to awaken him again, but this time he seeks to enslave Sauron's Balrog and bend him to his will yet the necromancer fails.


  • Tar Goroth is the first and only Balrog to serve Sauron, rather than Sauron's original master, Morgoth. He also, along with the Balrog known as Durin's Bane, is the only survivor of the destruction of his kind during the War of Wrath in the First Age.
  • Tar Goroth is the only Balrog to wear armor.
  • Tar Goroth is one of only four named Balrogs; the others are Gothmog (chief and greatest of their race), Durin's Bane, and Lungorthin.

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