Swift Tracking is a mission in the Lord of the Hunt DLC.

Help Torvin retrieve his stolen items from the Uruks who ransacked his camp.

In the beginning of the mission you learn how to use an inherent skill similar to Elven Swiftness; Caragath Swiftness, which allows you to slow down time and move faster while mounted atop a Caragath. The Caragath will need to be leaping over or jumping down in order to perform this ability.

After performing the ability, quickly make your way to the waypoint and help Torvin take out a half dozen Uruks in a small camp nearby.

You have limited time to dispatch the remaining two Uruk camps. Each camp will have 4 normal Uruks and are fairly easy to dispatch. The hardest part is completing the mission within the given timeframe.


  • It is imperative that you find little rocks to "jump" over in order to activate the Caragath Swiftness ability. Without triggering the ability at least three times during the mission, it will probably result in failure.

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