Stronghold Uprising is a Main Mission in the Lord of the Hunt DLC.

Bait a horde of Ghûls inside the Stronghold to cause chaos.

One of the longer Warchief missions; Stronghold Uprising can be a little challenging. You will need to infiltrate the Núrnen Peninsula/Fishery stronghold in the north to start activate the mission. Once activated, you'll need to shoot 3 Ghul nests spread around the stronghold. Once those nests are all hatched, you'll need to allow the Ghuls to kill off 10 Uruks. After the Uruks are all dead, out comes the Warchief atop a Wretched Graug. You will instructed to fire 2 fully charged bow shots into the Wretched Graug's head to stun it and allow the Ghûls to jump onto it. Once the Graug is dead, the warchief will be available to fight.


  • A lot of kiting is involved for this mission. Don't be afraid to run and dodge large hordes.
  • Let the Ghûls do all the work.

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