Servants in Chains is one of three Stronghold Captures that is available to the player upon completion of the Tower Missions.


Take control of the Stronghold by Dominating the local Warchief.

Rescue Uruk followers to draw out the Warchief. Rescuing your supporters within a stronghold is actually pretty tough. You will need to cut-free 5 of your followers, who will have guards in close proximity. Not only will it be very difficult to rescue them, but you are more than likely to raise the alarm. Once you free your supporters, the Warchief will arrive.


  • Use elevation to escape and stay hidden.
  • Flash Branding will be your friend here. You can brand some Uruks to fight for you while you are trying to escape.
  • Try and separate the Warchief from other packs of Uruks when fighting him. It's best to face off against him in a 1v1 scenario. Be sure to have your Power of the One Ring fully charged.

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