Remmenthond is a herb in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

"Beware the snare," goes the old wives' saying, but the old wives (at least in the case of Remmenthond) have been horribly misled.

The tangle root known as Remmenthond received its bad reputation because of its persistence as a crop-wrecking weed and its ability to stand firm against even the most energetic attempts to pull it from the ground.

The trick here, is to cut the roots at the surface and then squeeze the sap. Its sap can be used to bind wounds and soothe burns. Remmenthond is intractable, true, but invaluable.


  • Remmenthond is likely Sindarin for "tangled root" (from remmen = "tangled, netted, woven" and thond = "root").