Orchamarth is a fungus in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This sickly green fungus stinks of rotting meat and is the one vegetarian staple of the Uruk diet. It's eaten raw by the Uruks, who swear by it as a means to increase bloodlust and maintain a killing frenzy.

Harvested when it is at its most putrid, Orchamarth is also one of the primary ingredients in both the horrid-tasting Orc-draught and Orc grog.

Morgai Flies can often be seen hovering near these plants; they are, one supposes, the primary means by which this plant is pollinated. Other animals and races give the Orchamarth a wide berth.


  • Orchamarth is likely Sindarin for "Orc doom" (from orch = "orc, goblin" and amarth = "fate, doom").