No Rest for the Wretched is a Main Mission in the Lord of the Hunt DLC.


"Hit Archers with Projectile Vomit to draw out the Warchief."


  • Hit 20 Archers with Projectile Vomit
  • Defeat Zûgor Beast Butcher

The Wretched Graug again plays a vital role in this mission. You need to vomit on 20 archers in order to bring out the warchief. Like other missions involving a Wretched Graug, you will need to balance your vomiting and eating. It's fairly easy to accomplish this, as there are a few spots where 2-4 archers gather in clumps.

Zûgor, as an enemy, can be very tricky to deal with. He is invulnerable to stealth, a combat master, and a monster slayer. Be careful, if you fail to dodge his crossbow shots, you will subjected to a barrage of explosions.


  • Once the Warchief is summoned, he will have the ability to quickly kill your Wretched Graug with a flurry of arrows. It's best to hop off and engage him through shadow strikes or arrow attacks.