Niphredil is a flower in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The small flowering plant Niphredil may have been born of magic in Middle-earth's distant past. Its appearance is indeed otherworldly; seen from a distance, a patch of its pale white flowers in bloom will appear to be shimmering as the stars do.


Medicinally, Niphredil flowers, when consumed, function as an agent to soothe the humors and calm a nervous temperament. Its greenish stalks can be crushed and made into a thin paste to staunch blood flow. The plant has flourished across Middle-earth, and now can be found in even its most inhospitable locales.


  • The in-game's text description of Niphredil being been born of magic in the distant past is a likely reference to the flower growing at Luthien's birth in Doriath during the First Age. Niphredil is a Sindarin name meaning "little pallor".

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