Naugrimbas is a fungus in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Hobbits love mushrooms. Being discerning about mushrooms, they would not eat Naugrimbas. This foul-tasting toadstool holds little appeal as a foodstuff; it is edible, filling, and little more.

The Dwarves use Naugrimbas as a ration for troops on long marches, but only as a last resort. As a result, some call it "Dwarves' bread," but only as an insult to both bread and Dwarves.

The cap of Naugrimbas can be applied to burn wounds, and its consumption can temporarily increase one's stamina. Otherwise, this fungus is best left to Orcs and, perhaps, starving Ghûls.


  • Naugrimbas is Sindarin for "dwarves' bread" (from Naugrim = "Stunted people" and bass = "bread).

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