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Núrn is a location in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It is a region which holds the inland Sea of Núrnen in the southernmost part of Mordor, below Udun.


To outsiders, Mordor is often perceived as a dead realm, but this is not the case. Its southern region, Núrn, is fertile enough to feed the Dark Lord's numberless hordes. Its soil had been enriched by ash from Orodruin's eruptions, and its grasslands are fed by water from the Sea of Núrnen.

Many of Mordor's beasts reside in Núrn, among them Graugs, Caragors, Ghûls, Hell-hawks, and a host of other nameless horrors. The land was once the domain of Tribesman under the rule of Lady Marwen, Queen of the Shore.

Now the Uruks rule, but the few remaining free Tribesmen refuse to admit defeat and mount whatever small resistance they can against their oppressors.

Barad Núrn, Fort Morn, and Núrnen Fishery can be found here.

Behind the scenesEdit

It had a semi-arid climate because of its proximity to the plateau of Gorgoroth, and mostly consisted of fertile, grass landed plains used to support the armies of Sauron, in contrast to the dry plateau Gorgoroth to the northwest of Núrn.


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