Musty Tome is an artifact that can be found in Udûn.


The Musty Tome artifact can be found at West Garrison, in the southern part of Udûn.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Musty Tome, Third Age, circa 2890 "This almanac has been bound in leather and appears to be more than a century old. The writing within is a compilation of history, poetry and translation from across Middle-earth. It gathers together works of antiquity from the Great Realms of Gondor, Arnor and Númenor and even some samples of songs from the distant Halflings.

The most curious entry is the "Lament", a work of metered verse whose controversial origin has been debated among scholars for many years; it has been suggested by some that its author was an Ent, one of the ancient Shepherds of the Trees."

Memory AudioEdit

"Are you Athelas or Hithlas? Why can't I find anything in this almanac? Well… only one way to be sure. Cheers. *swallows* And now I wait. This'll either cure my fever or I'll be dead in seconds.

It shan't do either. You'll need to ground it up for its healing properties.

You… the Outcast woman…

I'm Eryn. I never got to thank you, Ranger. There are but few of your kind on the Black Gate.

Duty clouds kindness in these parts. It's why I deserted. I'm Hirgon."