Warg mordor

A Mordor Warg

Warg moria

The Mordor Warg's cousin ,the Misty Mountains Warg.

Mordor Wargs were a hyena- like breed of Warg . They were different from the Misty Mountains Wargs who were more wolf-like. The Mordor Warg bore some resemblance to the Caragor , a big cat- like predator. Both the Wargs and the Lions were once the top predators of Mordor. The Warg was used as a mount by the Uruks and Goblins . Uruk,Goblin and Olog Hai Beast Masters were responsible for taming these beasts . There were many Wargs and Lions in Mordor but most of them were driven towards Nurn by the Caragor . Torvin and his brother Gorvin were known to hunt Wargs . Torvin's dog ,with which he hunted many beasts and was good trained, was eaten by a Warg.