Lord Asgon is a character featured in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. He does not make a physical appearance in the game, and is only mentioned in one of the memories of Talion, the primary protagonist, during a load screen. He was a nobleman presumably originating from Gondor, and it is understood that he attacked Ioreth and Talion killed him in retaliation. The crime was discovered by Ioreth's father Hallas who immediately sought to punish him for his crime, saying "Talion killed a nobleman Ioreth, his life belongs to Gondor now." She swiftly replied: "Father if you turn my love in I shall swear i killed Lord Asgon when he attacked me, we shall both sacrifice our lives to Gondor!" It is thanks to this plea that Talion avoided persecution. This moment served as the catalyst for his becoming a soldier of Gondor.