Lawless Disorder is one of three Stronghold Captures that is available to the player upon completion of the Tower Missions.


Take control of the Stronghold by Dominating the local Warchief.

Make Uruks kill each other quickly to draw out the Warchief. This mission will take place within the confines of a Stronghold. You will need to be quick and nimble and brand many enemies so that you will fulfill the goal of having 50 Uruks killed by branded Uruks. Once you achieve this, the Warchief will come out of hiding.


  • Using Flash Brand is a must, make sure to gather enemies an an AOE so you can brand many at once.
  • It might be worthwhile to use Power of the One Ring and spam Flash Brand to make it easier.
  • You will need to kite a lot of enemies, so be on the lookout for escapes and herbs.

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