Hypocritical Oath is a Main Mission in the Lord of the Hunt DLC. It occurs after defeating the first four warchiefs.

Torvin has an unsavory proposition to deal with his most reviled enemies.

Like many other creatures in the world of Shadow of Mordor, the possibility to Dominate them is possible.

Torvin hears of a warchief with the ability to dominate Ghûls and asks Talion's help to do the same.

You are instructed to shoot a few Ghûl nests and use the Wraith Burn ability to dominate all Ghûls in an AOE. Once you dominate 50 Ghûls, you'll be tasked in killing a Wretched Graug.


  • Make sure you let the Ghûls gather up in clumps before you perform a Wraith Burn.
  • This mission is the best place to obtain the "Ghûls Gone Wild" achievement. If the Ghûls kill the Graug without use of Dispatch, or are wiped out without doing enough damage, you can run out of bounds and restart from a checkpoint right when the Graug shows up and immediately try again.
  • You can easily kill the Wretched Graug by shadow mounting it and then performing a mounted execution.

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