Homewrecker is a Main Mission in the Lord of the Hunt DLC.

Hunt down the final Warchief and put an end to the Beast Master threat in Sea of Núrnen.

This is the final Main Mission of the DLC. You will lead a small Ghûl army into a cave to confront a Warchief who is a keeper of Ghûls himself. This particular Warchief is adapt in all combat, and can only be taken down by Ghûls, Caragaths, and Graugs.

Once in the cave, you must fight and Wraith Burn hordes of Ghûls in order to get them onto your side. Get enough Ghûls to fight for you and lower the Warchiefs health enough to get him to flee.

Once the Warchief flees, you will instructed to leave the cave and find him outside across the bridge. You can Shadow Strike your way over to him and Wraith Burn more Ghûls to fight against him. Once he is defeated, a tearful goodbye with Torvin is in order and a spoiler awaits for what Shadow of Mordor will bring in 2015.


  • Don't even try to engage the Warchief in combat, you'll hurt yourself more than you will harm him.
  • Let Ghûls gather before you Wraith Burn them, it will be more efficient to dominate multiples.
  • Once outside the cave and you are fighting the Warchief, look for a nearby Caragath or Wretched Graug to Dominate and easily dispatch the Warchief.

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