Gwînuial is a flower in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Gwînuial is more commonly known as "The Twilight Vine". Its delicate, white flowering blooms are five-pointed and remarkably starlike.

It's interesting to note Gwînuial is common throughout Middle-earth, but never grows to a height taller than a Dwarf. It also never grows where ivy does, although this peculiarity may be entirely coincidental.


Herbalists know to collect the plant's flowers before they are in full bloom to use them in concoctions to cure colds and unblock stuffed noses. The vines themselves have some value as a binding agent as well. Properly stripped, the vines can be cut and applied to wounds as makeshift bandages.


  • Gwînuial is likely derived from the Sindarin combination of gwîn ("wine, vine") and uial ("twilight").