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Goblins are a subspecies of Great Orcs, Uruks. They were created by Morgoth from corrupted Elves just like the normal Uruks, but they were more cunning. After the short reign of Morgoth, Goblins, Uruks and Ologs, Graugs, Wargs and Caragors returned to serve Morgoth's second in command, Lord Sauron. Unlike Morgoth, Sauron greatly advanced his soldiers and animals teaching them his own language(Black Speech), promoting the loyal and increasing their power, thus making them a greater threat once again. Goblins were highly intelligent and specialized in crafting and mining. While some were used as workers, miners and crafters the fiercer ones were named soldiers, inspectors or even overlords.

The Goblins that reside in Mordor have white, pale yellow or pale orange skin and range in size from as small as the Uruk Archers to as big as the Uruk Savages. They wield axes, scimitars, spears and knives.

They will appear in Middle-earth: Shadow of War as Siege Beast riders, sappers ,archers and soldiers. They worked closely with the Troll species known as Olog Hai.


  • Goblins were supposed to appear in the first game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor but for unknown reasons were left out along the Trolls. The two however premiere in the Shadow of War. The Goblins seen so far appear to be based on the High Pass goblins from Unexpected Journey or the huge Guldur Moria Goblins seen in the Battle of the Five Armies and Desolation of Smaug led by Azog the Defiler but smaller in size. The original Shadow of Mordor concept art depicted the Mordor Goblins to be small as the Goblin Scribe from the Hobbit, the Mordor Goblins from Shadow of Mordor are mostly the same size as Uruk Savages or as small as Uruk Archers, but they look different from the original concept art.


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