Don't Shoot the Messenger is one of four One Ring Missions that is available to the player upon completion of the Tower Missions.


A messenger is being sent, along with many decoys, to coordinate an attack against one of your Towers. Dominate them all to find the location of the explosives and foil their plan.

This fast-paced mission is all about speed and efficiency. You will need to brand multiple moving targets over a large terrain. Once you finish branding those targets, you will be asked to destroy some barrels of Grog within the time allotment.


  • Shadow Strike is a must to quickly reach your targets.
  • You will need a lot of Elf Shot for this mission, so be sure to drain enemies around you on occasion.
  • Elven Swiftness is also a nice skill to take advantage of here. It will allow you chase down objectives much faster.

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