Beast Master is a Side Mission in the Lord of the Hunt DLC.


"He channeled the flames of vengeance into his beast. He became a monster of Wraith Fire. Reward: Blazing Steed Power"


  • Charge the Blazing Steed Power
  • Ignite 15 Uruks with the Blazing Steed Power
  • Bonus: Kill 6 Uruks with Mounted Stealth Kills

This DLC Side Mission is fairly quick and easy. You will start on a Caragath and be asked to build up your Blazing Steed Power. Once you build up enough charge, activate the ability and run through the Stronghold igniting multiple enemies to complete the mission.


  • Try stealth killing archers in the beginning, as it's easier to sneak on them and keep you out of trouble.
  • Raising the alarm might actually make this mission easier, as it will call more enemies to your location. Running through this dense crowd of Uruks will allow you to ignite more enemies at once.

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