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I want new powers.

I would like new powers to bring uruks back to life. I want to make the uruks stronger and I want to train them. Like when Talion trained his son in the beginning of the game. And I want any DLC you make to be connected to the main campaign.
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I would also like to customize my own character and give him his own personality any type. And I would like to use the map and tell any uruk captain or warchief to come to me wherever I am. I want to customize any uruk I want and I would like to have the hammer and the tower and the black hands powers. and when I train an uruk I want to give them any strength I want. And add more brutal kills
And make stronger enemies thank you I have more ideas on the way that's all for now.
And I want to take over the strongholds and customize the strongholds. and I want a new the nemesis system now is good but I want the branded uruks to be separated from the enemies nemesis system. and I want to choose what weapons and armor my branded uruks get. and any caragor in my stronghold should automatically be branded.
I would also like my warchiefs to be like the talons of the black hand but they will be called the silver hands. I would still like to bring them back if they die.
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