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Major Issues regarding PS3/360 versions

Can i just say whilst everyone who owns a next gen console is enjoying this game to the absolute fullest, the people who own the PS3/360 versions of this game are not able to share this enjoyment due to the appauling state this game has been released in. Shadow of Mordor for the PS3/360 is an unfinished game that seems to have been rushed at the last minute. The game suffers from extreme frame rate issues that can sometimes render the game unplayable, and speaking of render the game for some reason cant seem to be able to load textures almost all of the time. I was so excited for this game after the E3 demos and it seemed to impress me as more and more news about it came out however i am highly dissapointed with what i have recieved. I am aware that the next gen versions of this game are extremely good however if a game is going to be released for all consoles then it should be done right. I currently own the PS3 version of the game and i can say that i have been given something entirely different than what was promised. Patches for the next gen and pc versions shoud be held off entirely and complete focus shoud be on reviving the PS3/360 version from their broken state. It worries me that it is becoming more common for games to be released like this these days. I can confidently say ive been cheated. Well my fellow last gen players all we can do now is wait for future patches as the game can not be left like this in it's unfinished state, and when i say patches i mean HUGE patches. It is entirely unfair to be given a game in the state that this game is in, i am sorely dissapointed and we need to keep nagging for updates as we cannot be forgotten about.
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