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• 1/1/2019


How did it come about?
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• 1/1/2019
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• 12/9/2018

This place

Anyone even still on here? Does anyone even play the game anymore? I still play it sometimes

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• 12/3/2018

Subscribe to Pewdiepie

Just do it. You don’t have to, but do it if ya want
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• 9/13/2018

Shadow of Mordor

So I just ordered this game can anyone tell me if it's any good it looks pretty good and I've heard good things about it.
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• 7/30/2018

Scenario qeustion

What do you guys think would happen if a orc or uruk somehow found a ring of power for example a nazguls ring. What do you think that orc/uruk would do.
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• 7/22/2018


Well, uh Hi, I'm new and this is a small community but eh,
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• 12/25/2017

Merry Christmas

As says in title.

Merry Christmas to all those still on this wiki ☃
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• 12/17/2017

Just beat the game

I finally beat shadow of mordor! On to shadow of war!
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• 12/14/2017

Expansion pass

Is it worth the 40 bucks? I have the money but it it worth that much. I just need an option from other people like me
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• 11/21/2017


Just want to say I am back after a while I wasnt really into shadow of war so i left but I wanted to come back
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• 10/10/2017

Shadow of war Possible glitch

is it just me or dose stealth Dominating don't work but makes heads explode?
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• 8/8/2016

Shadow of Mordor - What Would The Ideal Middle Earth Game Look Like? (General Information and World)

In this episode Panda discusses his views on the world of Middle-Earth. What type of game is going to be? In what time period will it be? And what areas will be in the game?
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• 2/18/2016

Kanye West Name-Checks Taylor Swift in Leaked 'SNL' Backstage Rant: Listen

Kanye West Name-Checks Taylor Swift in Leaked 'SNL' Backstage Rant: Listen
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• 11/5/2015

Star Wars Game using the Shadow of Mordor Engine

I admit that I am a fanatic about Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, just like many others.  Wouldn't it be awesome to have a Star Wars game with Shadow of Mordor style graphics and gameplay?  Imagine wandering around various planets locking lightsaber blades with Sith or Jedi, while using the Force to take down ranged assailants firing blasters.
If it was based in the Old Republic time period, there would be thousands of Sith and Jedi around to fight, not to mention blaster-weilding troopers.  That would be a blast to play.
Of course, Star Wars is an EA franchise thing now, but one can dream, right?
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• 8/13/2015

Xenosaga 1 - 3 remake for current gen consoles

i know this is not a Lord of the Rings topic, but i would LOVE to see a remake of Xenosaga 1 - 3. in particular for the PS4. complete with season passes for upgrades and new missions. that would be awesome.
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• 8/13/2015

shadow of mordor funny moments.
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• 2/27/2015

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring gamefor PC

hey guys i was woundering does anyone rember the old lord of the rings fellowship game for pc. i would like to know if u played it and tell me would u play it again if it was remasterd

belive it or not some of the developers that are at Moloith work on this game :D
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• 2/5/2015

PS3 Season Pass.

if you guys check the PSN SITE and search for "shadow of mordor" you can see there that have 22 results found....there have Season Pass for ps3/ps4 shadow of mordor...its 40% off from 25 euro now only 15...just to know...but idk when we would be able to play not even sure  i should trust psn to buy from now.
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• 12/4/2014

PS3 fix shadow of mordor
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