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• 10/27/2018
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• 10/1/2018


Does anything special happen if you have two spy bodyguards on an Overlord (them being the only bodyguards) or does it just make the fight easier?

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• 8/30/2018


Can an orc betray you in shadow of mordor not war
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• 8/21/2018

Question about palantir app

Does anyone know how to get the palantir app after it has been removed from app store?
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• 8/13/2018


In Act 1 in Shadow of War, what must I do to finish Minas Ithil. I have been butchering captains for eternity, what requirement must I reach? Thank you in advance.
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• 7/4/2018


Is there any quests for Gollum after he leads you to the part where you get th shadow strike ability?
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• 6/14/2018

Elite recruitment

When you give a captain a elite recruitment training order does the gang get the bonus traits to or just the normal ones
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• 6/11/2018


Simeone who knows The Song when you fight nazgul talion??
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• 5/16/2018

Random Unexplained Betrayl

Why is it that sometimes one of my followers will kill another one of my followers without context during a fight? For example, during one of my shadow wars sieges, my follower got knocked down and dazed by an enemy olog captain. Then during the fight my other followers killed the dazed one and continued to fight on my side like he didn't just kill a teammate.
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• 5/12/2018

Shadow Dominate

I cant seem to unlock the shadow dominate skill. I have finished the Eltarial(sp?) quests and am level 44. Am i missing something?
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• 4/27/2018

Legendary followers

What's the best way to make an orc legendary so i can recruit him at his strongest?
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• 4/26/2018

Captains/ Warchiefs

So I'm on a mission to find out how to control appearances, titles and traits if possible on three separate posts. This one will be asking about appearances. Now I have seen a video on YouTube talking about this but it seems this method only works on pc (I currently am playing it on ps4 since my pc broke) the basics of the video was helping you figure out what type of base model you want (skin color, body type, class type) which is doable on ps4, but then it says you need to load up a back up save to keep "re-rolling" the title and appearance of that unique Uruk. Is there a way to do back up skin ages or disable auto saves to do this method? Or is there another way. Sorry for the essay guys
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• 4/2/2018

How to get necromancer

Anyone know how to find/create a necromancer I have a few ideas but it doesn’t hurt to hear more
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• 1/28/2018

I am confused my orcs vanished

So I was on the bright lord mission and I was on the bridge and found the unique orc dressed like the tower.(but wasn't in any of the areas) so I recruited him and the only option I had was to let him spy on a warchief(and I have all areas ) so I did that and when I finished the mission I could not find him. Does anyone know how to get him back or where he went
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• 1/20/2018

Trying to get all legendary special gear and need a strategy

I’ve just been going around killing all legendary people I see or brand and I really need help
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• 1/16/2018

Shadow of mordor captains

So, I'm having trouble with a couple Uruk captains. I have literally killed them 3 times each, but they keep coming back with a new look, more and more deformed each time.

And they're always together, along with a couple other captains (but those actually die and are replaced by others). If it matters, they're "Gimûb Thunderhead" and "Malmûg the Singer".

Of course, I'd think this is a bug, but Gimûb said something the last time we met that made me think this is a feature, but I can't remember what was it. So my question here is, is that a bug or a feature?
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• 1/5/2018

Tough kill problem

I came across malmug the ripper in shadow of Mordor. He is an elite captain also the bodyguard for a legendary warchief. He is so far impossible to kill. He has a metal shield. You can't jump over him. You can't fantom punch him either. I die Everytime. Who has ran into him? How do I kill him?
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• 1/1/2018


How do I do the kills when you're just about to kill the orc and he's kneeling They block it. And a qte shows up where if you hit it at the right time. You get a really cool animation
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• 12/27/2017

Worried about Betrayal

What happens if a pre-dominated captain becomes a higher level than me? like if i try to level up my level 60 captains to level 62 or something like some of the enemy captains, will they betray me?
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• 12/23/2017

What does this mean?

Worried that if I start the Mordor in Flames mission it will end the game and start over again, just like to confirm what actually happens.
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