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Question about BoG (Blade of Glandlier)

I was wondering if there is still a way to get the BoG war chest after the market has been replaced with the garrison and if it is not possible to get the BoG war chest is there a way to get the BoG orocs/olog-hai to the talion gameplay?
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It’s quiet.

New on the Shadow of Mordor Wikia
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Orcs and Uruks

What's the difference between them? I looked on the wiki it says that uruks are "great orcs" but it does not say anything about normal orcs.
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If a captain is mortally weak to stealth attacks can I instantly stealth brand him? Thanks :*
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Shadow strike glitch?

The celebrimbor memory where you require shadow strike is locked for me but I have the ability unlocked anyone else having this issue?
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how to go next stage on after break the wall with their crate what next

how do i go next step go to story on what which do i keep destory all tthe captains i destory 4 warchiefs allready next what im stuck
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captain names

i also encountered the rhymer and the braindead.
both extremely amusing to fight against and ive never been more sorry than when i chopped off the rhymers head.
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Glad I joined the community. Based on content in the game, I couldn't figure out how some captains remain dead, while others I get it. Off with their heads!
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Leaving the Wiki

Shortly before release date I'll unfollow all threads and leave the wiki until November 18th-ish as the Xbox 360 version got delayed until then.  I don't want any spoilers from the players using next-gen consols/PC master racers.
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Do enemies receive permanent wounds from attacks?

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knew whether or not an enemy receives permanent wounds from attacks. You know, if you attacked orthog for example, and cut of his arm and failed to kill him. Next time you go to fight him, would he still have his arm?
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Which voice actors do you want to hear in Shadow of Mordor?

We all know the cast so far:
. Troy Baker
. Laura Bailey
. Liam O'Brian
. Nolan North
. Steve blum
. One of thos british actors I can't remember their names to.
But who else would you like to hear in the game. I vote Grey Delisle, should there be a female uruk somewhere.
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