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• 10/29/2018


Life is a game and I want 2 win this game in any condition
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• 2/6/2018

Blade of Galadriel today!

That trailer looks amazing. I cannot wait to download it when I get home. Who do you guys think Eltariel will side with?

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• 10/9/2017

How Shadow of War Intertwines with the Tolkien Universe

Are you a big LotR fan? How does this game fit into the books and lore? Read to find out.
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• 10/9/2017

Fighting a Balrog

Read about how FANDOM's Jeremy Ray summoned a Balrog 0_o
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• 8/2/2017

Companion app Palantir was shut down and removed from app store

Hey guys, 
I'm here to let you know that FANDOM has shut down the Palantir app, which was a companion guide for Shadow of Mordor showing infos from this wiki. It was only available for iPad, has not been actively supported in a long time, and had barely any monthly users left. It's now no longer available in the App Store and users who have already had it on their tablet will find that it no longer pulls information as before. 
Your Community App is still live and active, though!
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• 3/8/2017

16 minutes of Gameplay: the Shadow of War reveal!

This is just up, I'll update as I watch it myself.
Watch it here:
A nice summary of everything can be found at Kotaku .
Lots of war, more dismemberment (arms, legs and entire lower bodies), more powers for the Wraith, more RPG customisation (equipable armor pieces) and a whole lot of Nemesis-system. I can't sum it all up, but we definitely have a lot to talk about with this one reveal! 
The graphics of this alpha footage still needs a lot of polishing, but it seems like it will be at least on par with SOM. 
My only question now is how they'll incorporate the free open world aspect into this game. There seem to be loads of fortresses to capture, but I'm curious how they'll tie it all together and what you'll be able to do when you're not doing story missions. 
I'm curious to hear the opinions of my fellow community members. I like what I'm seeing, but I think they've built up a whole lot of hype with this trailer :)
There will be a Twitch Live Stream with Michael de Plater (Praise de Plater!) on March 10 at 2PM PST, 5PM EST. You can follow it then at this link.
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• 2/26/2017

...SO IT BEGINS. "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War"

The announcement (well... leak) that you've all been waiting for...
It's true. We have a sequel.

Ladies and gents... I do believe it is time to return from hiding!
Ever faithful,
TolkienIsTruth7 (Trevor)
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• 1/20/2016

what kind of game

is it good?
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• 5/6/2015

Why is the game unavailable on the xbox store?

it says the game is unavailable on the xbox store when it came out yesterday
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• 3/30/2015

New Update?

Turned ON my PS4 yesterday and it downloaded an update. Does anyone know what's this update about? Searched the internet but can't fins anything about it. Also, I wondered they must be some kind of addons. So I checked them on PS store. All I can see only 19 items including all DLCs, runes, skins and other add ons and I have all of them. Any idea?
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• 3/5/2015

SoM wins GOTY at Game Developers Choice Awards

Congratulations are in order, because Monolith has won the Game of the Year title at the Game Developers Choice Awards. 
These awards are voted by people from the gaming industry, so it's a pretty awesome price to win! 
Congrats to the team and keep it up! 
First report by Gamasutra
Article with full list of winners on Kotaku
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• 2/11/2015

WB ... Error Age Tab !!!

2 Days Ago i Bought "Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor" i start to play, on the Age tab , i try to put my age (31), but there is no space for double Number its like (3) !! there is no Double Number capacity !! i quit the game, and retry now it is saying "you are not old enough to accept the term and services .... !!
Kindly Solve this... !! this is not GOOD Now i can't play the the BEAST Mode !!! ....
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• 1/25/2015

New DLC coming out later this year for Xbox one

The Bright Lord is said to return a another champaign mission later this, year announced after the immpresive gameplay and story line of the DLC Lord of the Hunt.
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• 12/30/2014

Skins for PS3?

Are there any skins for the PS3 or is it only for PS4? And if there are skins for PS3 how can i get them?
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• 12/30/2014
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• 12/15/2014

The New DLC - The Lord of the Hunt

Hello Wikia-Users and Gravewalkers!
On Steam there is a new announcement for the DLC Lord of the Hunt:
New Features:

Lord of the Hunt DLC Support Added
Note: Lord of the Hunt requires slightly higher system specs. If you’re noticing a loss in performance, please lower system settings.
PC Specific Bug Fixes:

Stability (Crash Fixes): Fixed a crash caused when the user has multiple video adapters, and the first adapter is not DX11 compatible but the second adapter is.
Performance: Fixed issue where screen tearing was noticeable when maxFPS is set to 60 and Vsync is enabled. Vsync no longer causes the framerate to cap at 30
UI: Added option to disable FXAA and improved associated help text. When running Shadow of Mordor on a laptop, a new battery display appears over the in-game UI.
SLI: Fixed flickering on Uruk skin when SLI is enabled.
Gameplay Specific Fixes:

Fixed game state issue where Power Struggles in Udûn were no longer spawning.
Fixed scenario where access to Sauron’s Army screen is lost after completing the game.
Prevented issued caused by loading save data that was created on the base game, after patch 1.05 is installed, causing loss of functionality.
Fixed issue caused by dying then restarting Lithariel’s Challenge, which caused most Audio to no longer play.
Fixed issue where Invert Aim Game Setting in Photo Mode inverts the mouse's Camera Offset.
Runes Exploits: The player can no longer receive duplicate Epic Runes if the Captains are killed using Dispatch. Canceling a GP mission will no longer duplicate all Runes on the map.
I am really exited about this new DLC and so I hope you are ready for hunting Graugs and Caragors!
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• 12/14/2014

List of Gamepad Controls

As requested by a Wikia contributor.
Xbox / Playstation (I play the game on a Playstation 4 console, but these should be accurate for both)
A / X                     Dodge / Sprint / Climb
X / Square            Strike / Stealth Execution
Y / Triangle          Counter / Brutalize (in stealth) / Bow Distract / Attract
B / Circle              Wraith Stun / Drain(and brand) / Drop Down
LB / L1                 Wraith Vision
LT / L2                 Aim Bow / Throw Knife (Tap)
RB / R1                Grab / Interact / Shoulder Charge / Use Fire Arrow
RT / R2                Stealth / Charge Arrow
D-Pad Up             Activate Branded Uruks
D-Pad Down        Dispatch
Ground Execution                      RT+X / R2+Square
Combat Execution                      Y+X / Triangle+Circle
Combat Drain/Brand                  A+B / X+Circle
Wraith Flash                               X+A / Square+X
Wraith Burn                                X+Y / Square+Triangle
Storm of Urfael                           L3+R3 (Joystick Buttons)
Flame of Azkar                           Hold LT/L2 + L3+R3
Shadow of Acharn                      Hold RT/R2 + L3+R3
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• 11/20/2014

New patch released! (PC)


New Features: 
Lithariel Skin available. 
Lithariel’s Trials of War “Test of Defiance” available. (Main Objective: Kill 6 Warchiefs and 15 captains. Lithariel has only one life. Death results in failure. Lithariel does more melee damage, but has less armor. You cannot save during this challenge. Quitting results in failure.) 
New Epic rune granted to player’s inventory “Defiant to the End”. (Additional last chance given to player when equipped.)
PC Specific Features: 
Nvidia SLI support.
Bug Fixes for all platforms: 
Photo Mode: The controller drain/brand SFX persists when Photo Mode is up. Brand SFX no longer persist when pausing through photo mode during a drain or brand sequence. 
Power of Shadow: The hood of the Black Hand's cloak in the front end appears covering half his face. Eye FX issue fixed for the Black Hand skin in the front end menu. Glowing eyes effect misplaced on Black Hand's face when dismissing title screen. 
UI/VFX still show Talion as poisoned when One With Nature (Epic) Dagger Rune is equipped. 
Player can receive duplicate Epic Runes by killing multiple captains with dispatch. 
MOTD is not cycling after one rotation.
PC Specific Bug Fixes: 
Improved messaging when game fails to launch. 
Fixed issue with incorrect aspect ratio being used when changing resolution through the video options in windowed mode. 
Added an option to expose FXAA as part of the motion blur settings. 
Fixed issues with native resolution detection. The game will now use Windows “recommended” resolution. 
Fixed issues with custom resolutions specified in Windows. Users no longer have to delete them. 
Fixed in game benchmark starting too early. 
Fixed not being able to skip benchmark load screen. 
Improved benchmark output files located in “My Documents\WB Games\Shadow of Mordor\*.csv”. 
In game VSync will now use NVIDIA’s adaptive sync when turned on. It will use NVIDIA’s Control Panel settings when turned off. 
Fixed save game issue where starting new game on top of existing data didn’t clear skills purchased. 
Fixed issue with WB Play where entering age under 18 on accident prevented player from ever accessing WB Play.

I'm just thrilled with the new content. Though Lithariel has new walking animations and is a bit smaller than Talion, Celebrimbor also gets scaled down with her and keeps the feminine animations. So it looks a bit weird at first sight, but I got used to it ^^ . I wish they put in the Tower next as a skin, I love his character in the game. Also, the "Test Of Defiance" challenge mode is in the Sea of Nurn instead of Udun this time.
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• 11/18/2014
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• 10/15/2014

Patch Released: Adds Photo Mode!

A new patch was released today, as stated by IGN as well as Gamespot. It adds Photo Mode to the game, giving players the ability to use it the same way as we could in The Last of Us and inFamous Second Son.
The patch is apparently around 600 mb on PS4 and 700 on Xbox One.
(Writer's Note: Anyone find any patch notes for this yet? I can't find any anywhere)
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