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This will probably never get a reply

But how does one become a moderator/ admin?

I’d like to throw my hat into that ring.
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Does anything special happen if you have two spy bodyguards on an Overlord (them being the only bodyguards) or does it just make the fight easier?

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Talion After Ending

he died but..
where is he going in the ending and what is this place ?
what happened to the new ring too ?
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Shadow of Mordor

So I just ordered this game can anyone tell me if it's any good it looks pretty good and I've heard good things about it.
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Can an orc betray you in shadow of mordor not war
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Orc of the day

His name is uggu the serpent if you have found him in mordor please tell me or send me a picture
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Question about BoG (Blade of Glandlier)

I was wondering if there is still a way to get the BoG war chest after the market has been replaced with the garrison and if it is not possible to get the BoG war chest is there a way to get the BoG orocs/olog-hai to the talion gameplay?
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Can a Shadow of Mordor Uruk that wasn't an Nemesis or Follower imported, appear in Shadow of War?

I ask because in my current playthrough of SoW there's an uruk named Kuga Lump-head and I had meet him before in SoM, but he wasn't my nemesis or follower, I didn't imported him, so far he is the only one that I remember seeing before, I even checked back in my SoM save and Kuga is there. So I wonder if I got lucky that an uruk with the same face ,body and name just spawned in SoW or if it's the same guy and somehow he got imported from SoM . Have you had any Uruks that you meet before in SoM showing in SoW?
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Question about palantir app

Does anyone know how to get the palantir app after it has been removed from app store?
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In Act 1 in Shadow of War, what must I do to finish Minas Ithil. I have been butchering captains for eternity, what requirement must I reach? Thank you in advance.
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Witch do you prefer

Nazgul Talion or Celebrimbor Talion
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Cloak glitch

I'm seeing a glitch where my cloaks hang stiff as a cardboard and no physics apply to them. I'm playing on ultra settings. Anybody else seeing this?
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Man I'm so annoyed

I've beem through 3 games of shadow of war trying to find the tower. then I find him leading a in the mission were your first fort is attacked.
I branded him and made sure there was space for him on the army map only to beat the mission and have him disappear and have all the spaces replaced with bruzs twat friends . Is it possible to have more than one tower in a game?
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Scenario qeustion

What do you guys think would happen if a orc or uruk somehow found a ring of power for example a nazguls ring. What do you think that orc/uruk would do.
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It’s quiet.

New on the Shadow of Mordor Wikia
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Well, uh Hi, I'm new and this is a small community but eh,
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are these powers of the new ring

is acsess to the wraith world and purifying heidr abilities of the new ring considering it has celebrimbor's abillities
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the new ring page

okay ive added a page for the new ring I just want to know if everything on it okay
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the new ring powers

how come the new ring page doesn't have the powers
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